Math - Division word problems

Hello dear students, 

Solve the following problem situations using the method of division learnt in class. You must show your working out. Be careful some of these problems have remainders. This homework will be collected next thursday the 8th of March. 

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Grade I A S E




1) If Miss Holden has 432 new pencils and wants to share them out equally between the 7 tables in the class, how many would each group get?

2) A bus driver has £232 at the end of his shift. If all tickets were £3, how many people have ridden on his bus today?

3) There are 604 children at Saint Geroge School and 20 classes. How many children are there in each class?

4) The dinner lady had brought 207 fish fingers for lunch. If each child gets 3, how many children can have fish fingers?

5) The library has £109 to spend on books. If each book costs £4, how many could they buy?

6) I have 354 matches all together, if a box holds 45 matches, how many full boxes do I have?

7) Saint Geroge School has 210 pupils. How many rugby teams of 15 could play in a school tournament?

8) The school has £431 to spend on playground improvements. This is double the amount they had last term. How much did they have to spend last term? 

9) The school has brought 15 new computers. All together they cost £1050. How much was one computer?

10) An art gallery has 9 painting worth all together £482. Assuming all the paintings have equal value, how much is one worth?