Proteins and Carbs

In order to continue with this term activities, next you have the homework, which consists of the following:


The homework must be delivered in a written work, preferably computer written.

Use the APA norms especially as regards to how to cite scientific papers and how to organize the bibliography. Attached, you will find a document with the norms briefed.

The homework must be delivered on December 15, at 8:00 AM in the teacher’s locker. It would not be accepted after this time.


The homework consists of the following:

NOTE 1: you can use the presentation attached, but is necessary to back up that information with your own research.

NOTE 2: You must keep with a back up of your homework, because based on it, you will study for the final test.

Structure and Function of Proteins

1. Draw the general chemical structure of all amino acids.

2. Search for the 20 amino acids that exists and organize them in a chart, classifying them as hydrophobic and hydrophilic (if you don’t know what the terms are, search for them).

3. Search for the next functions of proteins and explain each one. Show a graphic representation of how each one works.

4. What determines the shape of a Protein?

5. Define what is a polypeptide.

6. What other factors determine protein structure?


Structure and Function of Carbohydrates

1. Define what are carbohydrates.

2. How are carbohydrates classified?

3. Select two examples of each type of carbohydrates, label them, and draw its molecule, with the chemical formula.

4. Monosaccharides, types and functions Disaccharides, types and functions